Genuine VERTU phones

       We guarantee that all listings on are showing genuine VERTU phones.

Please be aware that a number of replica phones (especially Vertu replica) are sold via the Internet. If you are not sure about the authenticity of a luxury phone which is for sale online we can offer you consultancy advice on any listing of your choice on the Internet. This would help anyone who want to be 100% sure about the authenticity of the Vertu he/she wants to buy.

We would give you advice about the questions to ask the seller or extra piece of information to request, and gradually move towards a sound judgement about the authenticity of a phone.

Price: £10 per advertising verification, to be paid to



Vertu is the main manufacturer of luxury phones. A couple of things you may want to know about their phones -


Concierge and Vertu phones

All Vertu phones have a dedicated Concierge button, which can connect to a team of experts for restaurants or hotels suggestions, bookings, etc.

"Locked/Unlocked" and Vertu phones

Vertu phones are never locked to a single network provider. They can be locked by a security code configured by the user, for example to prompt for a PIN code if a new SIM card is installed in the phone. If you have a VERTU phone which is locked when you install a new SIM card, and do not know the PIN code we suggest that you contact Vertu technical support; they will assist you to have the code reseted.

How can I be sure that the Vertu phone I want to buy is working in my country - i.e. will the phone be able to receive network signal?
P.S. This question would only apply if you intend to purchase a less recent model of Vertu like Signature M or Ascent B (whose antenna had more limited capabilities).

To be sure that the phone is working in your country & with your SIM card you may check:

1. The network frequencies supported by the phone - listed in the Specifications Summary Table
2. The network frequencies supported by your operator & SIM card - listed on the website:

Vertu phones specifications

On the following page you will find a summary table with list of specifications for some of the older Vertu phones - Specifications Summary Table